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The Biomedical Technology Resources (BTRs) offer a wide array of resources to the biomedical research community. The expertise available at the BTRs to assist investigators is essential to the productive use of the advanced technologies.  Assistance is provided according the level needed and can range from didactic training that leads to independent use of some of the technologies, to close collaborative engagement that benefits the investigator’s research and also motivates further innovation at the center.

In contrast to core facilities, BTRs are research centers, with the dual missions of technology development and outreach to the research community. The emphasis is on providing access to advanced technologies as they become available, rather than routine service. To gain access to the technologies that are under development, research projects are vetted for demonstrated need and, in the case of newly emerging technologies, the potential for advancement of the technology development project.

Researchers who believe their project could benefit from a BTR technology should call or email directly the point of contact listed at the BTR website.

Geographic distance from a BTR is not an inhibitor to accessing their resources. Many of the technologies can be accessed remotely, downloaded or imported, or visited for physical access. In some cases, samples can be mailed in for analysis with long-distance collaboration if needed.